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No matter where you go in this business, our insight travels with you.

We work with a lot of associations, from small intimate groups all the way to national and international powerhouses. And sometimes we work with associations that fit somewhere in between. Like NTA, which is sorta like the gateway between tour operators and tour suppliers. NTA is basically a dating service for dating services — if you’re with a group of destination providers with really cool opportunities . . . and you want to get jiggy with a group of people looking for really cool destination opportunities . . . NTA are the folks you turn to for the hook-up.

When we signed up with NTA they were struggling to re-find their brand position. Frankly, because of some poor partnership and positioning decisions, they’d lost their way and, as a result, lost market share and awareness to their primary competitor. Our job, which we’re still engaged in, is to help them reburnish their star and hang it high and bright in the heavens.