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Where your legacy is our life’s work.

Investors Heritage is one of the Midwest’s best-loved, most-respected companies in the preneed market — which, if you didn’t know, is the market for people looking to invest in funeral coverage. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a market that has to be addressed with sensitivity. Additionally, because of changing cultural values and a fundamental shift in demographics, it’s also characterised by people searching for alternative, earth-friendlier end-of-life solutions.

Investors Heritage didn’t just want to present themselves as a “newer” version of the same old thing, however. They’d been recently acquired by a forward-thinking, aggressive investment firm out of NYC, and they needed a brand that could help them also enter new markets, especially the annuity market. In addition to their website, we created their new graphic branding platform, from their logomark and graphic standards all the way through to brochures, print ads, and event installations.