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More dream park than theme park.

It’s not every day you have someone come to you and say, “Hey, guys: I just bought a mountain and I want to turn it into the home of the world’s greatest collection of roadside attractions. (Oh, and I need it within a couple of weeks because the media are going to be all over it and it needs to be totally amazing.)”

Funny thing is, that wasn’t the hard part — the hard part was trying to build a website with a client who only sleeps one hour a day, runs on caffeine and nicotine, and has 20 new creative ideas every half hour. Anyway, Dude came backed by the state with a track record of turning crazy ideas into reality, so we figured it was worth a flyer.

Two weeks and 11,453 text messages later, we launched Funtown Mountain’s totally amazing website.

Happy client, happy mountain.