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The best place to get a big idea. Besides the shower.

ISPA is the flagship organization for spas worldwide, and as such is on a pedestal. It has a couple of competitors, but it has always positioned its brand on being ahead of anyone else . . . so when they came to Mightily and asked for something that would just blow everyone away, we knew we had to deliver.

As one of our closest partners, our relationship started way back when Mightily was getting off the ground. And from Day One, we knew it was going to be a long, close, and fulfilling friendship — they trusted us with everything, from their initial rebrand to all their web and print work to theming and helping develop their international conference and various annual media events. We also provide comprehensive marketing, digital, advertising, writing, and design support, including the creation of powerful creative resources such as The People of ISPA, the Job Bank, and their internal Wiki.

Our job is to create and nurture a positive experience between our members, potential members, and those interested in the spa culture. We exist not to toot our own horn, but to support our constituencies. We do not put self-promotion ahead of the promotion of the spa industry, and we understand that our role is to be as helpful and as easy to work with as possible.

When you interact with our brand, you will not be greeted by ads or messages or videos that tell you how fabulous we are. Rather, you will enter a space that has been designed to make answering your questions as easy and as pleasant an experience as possible.

We will maintain great discipline in the tone of voice we use when talking to people, as well as the aesthetics we use to support these conversations. The more buttoned-up we appear when we communicate, the stronger our brand will be perceived to be by those within and outside the spa industry, reinforcing our position as global leaders.

We will be welcoming, flexible, creative, and attractive in the way we share experiences. Ultimately, our goal is to communicate the wonderful opportunities that work in the spa community can provide.