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A new way to latte.

Once upon a time, a young couple left their home in India to move to America, whereupon they began investing in the hotel industry. As the years passed, the Patels decided to build a legacy for their children, and Amy remembered the chai teas her father used to brew and share in the shade of the local Banyan tree. After years of patiently blending different ingredients specifically selected for the US market, she landed on a mix of spices and flavors that captured the memories of her youth but that spoke to the tastes of today — and thus was born Banyan Tree Chai Latte.

The Patels needed help sharing their passion for the future — without forgetting their obligation to the traditions that gave it birth. To these ends, Mightily helped craft a wonderful brand based on embracing the past as a means to enjoying and appreciating a new way of looking at today.