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We have all four major food groups: meat, potatoes, beer, and meat.

Remember the 1980s? Everything was just a little a bit over the top — but in a very kitsch, earnest way. Everyone was looking for an angle in how to offer “uniquely different” themed dining experiences. That’s when Buckhead was imagined as a Colorado-mountains-hearkening-definitely-not-tongue-in-cheek restaurant. Three decades later, and not surprisingly, the restaurant felt stale and outdated. It was time for a Mightily makeover.

We reckoned there was something to the Americana spirit that didn’t necessarily need mountains (or indeed a connection to another state) to interest customers. Doubling down on today’s cultural affection for authenticity, we created a brand dedicated to hand-crafted exceptionalism. No fancy sauces, no frou-frou toppings; just damned-good steaks, great craft beers, and a commitment to doing things right.

Sorry, folks, but this place isn’t for folk who want to pick at their salads and sip expensive kale-based infusions. Buckhead isn’t cool and it certainly isn’t trendy. On the contrary, it’s a fun place for people who aren’t all ate up with their image and who just want to enjoy a good authentic honest-goodness American dining experience.

It’s also just the place that makes the most sense in this overly advertised world where heavily bearded men get expensive pedicures and where women are as comfortable with a tire iron on the side of the road as they are with an iron skillet in the kitchen.

Welcome to a place you can proudly take your dad without him thinking you’re some sort of weirdo that he didn’t raise properly. It’s a place you can take a date and still have enough gas money to take him home in a Chrysler. It’s a place you can grab a beer and watch TV or can sit down for a satisfying meal.

It’s a place that appreciates craftsmanship. It’s a place that prizes a job well done. It’s a place that embodies the American work-ethic and, perhaps even more so, the American play-ethic. It’s authentic. It’s sincere and genuine. It’s a straightforward, no-bullshit, no-false-pretenses “We-don’t-raise-our-pinkies-when-we-drink-tea-here” kind of brand. Just great food, fair pricing, a comfortable environment, all in an quasi-outdoor space.

And it all happens in a place that reminds you the way America used to be.