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Goodwill Industries of Kentucky

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Feel free to help yourself.
After all, you’re helping others.

We know there are lots of folk out there who are far less fortunate than we are, so we believe we should help the brands that exist to inspire them and those around them. To these ends, when we won the Goodwill account, we immediately went to work figuring out what the brand stood for and how it could be better communicated to serve its audiences.

After several very demanding months of a combination of in-person interviews and quantitative research approaches, we were able to distill the brand’s perceived presence in

Believe in yourself. We know that you have something special inside you, something people want, something important and worth sharing. So we’re telling you to look at yourself, to pick your head up, think about where you want to be, who you want to be . . . and then let us help you become that person.

Know that your work means something. What you do might seem small in the greater scheme of things, but we want you to know that it’s valuable and it’s important. When you contribute, you make things better. So focus. Believe. Have faith in your ability to be productive. Have faith that your work matters. Have faith in your value.

Know that you mean something. Know that what you do and how you behave makes a difference. The work you produce changes everything. It changes those near you and around you, it changes communities and it changes lives. Most importantly, it changes you.

Own the future. A better life is right there in front of you if decide you want it enough. We can’t make you want it. We’re not going to ask you to want it. It has to come from inside you. You have to own your life before you can own your job.