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Live Digitally.

We’re going to namedrop here and casually mention that we were selected by Seagate to develop a new brand on behalf of their burgeoning Data Recovery Services division. As a result, Pixel8 was born.

The shortest version possible: As you know, pretty much everything digital has memory of some sort (Seagate, in all likelihood, made the drive in the device you’re using right now). As you also know, shit happens and devices fail — quite often because they got dropped down toilets, run over by cars, or exposed to zealous Hibachi grill owners. Pixel 8 exists to bring those data back from the dead. We named the company and developed the identity along with all the attendant material and packaging. We currently create all the marketing material, including all the digital advertising, and build them amazing websites, including the one you’re not currently allowed to see because it’s still in development.