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We like to think we have a big heart, so we go out of our way to work with similar-minded folk. And frankly, you’d be hard pressed to find a group of people who have more commitment, compassion, and ability than the doctors at Lee Specialty. They’re an internationally recognized and emulated organization who specialize in providing medical, dental, psychiatric, and general healthcare services to patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It’s a highly underserved audience caught in an environment that doesn’t seem to appreciate how unique their needs are — and, as a result, the treatment options that are available are limited. Worse, the paucity of knowledge coupled with a lack of general awareness creates an incredibly frustrating experience for caregivers, parents, and sometimes the patients themselves.

This was a site we knew had to be very simple to navigate, gentle to experience, and welcoming in tone. As far as subtle UX goes, this is a lovely site to visit.

And do yourself a favor: Watch the testimonial “Tina and Terrence Davis.” It’s a tear-jerker.