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When it comes to helping kids in crisis, there’s no place like Home.

Home of the Innocents: what a perfect name. They represent almost everything wonderful about Louisville — which is a good thing, because that’s exactly how we ended up communicating their core value. Like so many large and complicated nonprofits, they had too much to share — the depth and breadth of what they do is simply overwhelming. So every time they try to connect with people, the details invariably get in the way of the broader, more important message: That they’re a place of immense compassion and service to children in crisis.

Rather than “rebranding” them, we instead repositioned the Home of the Innocents brand. We realized that the best way to share their meaning was to connect it directly to Louisville’s reputation as a caring city. Using the foundational words “The Heart of Our City,” we combined a number of moving parts, including the pre-existing heart icon, their location, their significance as one of Louisville’s founding citizens, and their embodiment of community compassion.

Our City. We cherish fairness, we embrace equality, we believe that health and prosperity are things everyone should be able to enjoy. And so, when we see inequity or misfortune, when we witness injustice or adversity or tragedy, we come together as Louisvillians in a spirit of compassion and care to make things better. It’s what we do and who we are. It leads us. It informs us. Above all, it defines us.

Our History. When you live in a city that’s built on a dream of always doing better, that’s personified by a spirit of humanity, that’s committed to a mission of helping friends, neighbors, and even strangers by providing the means to a higher quality of life, you need partners who share your values and who embrace your vision.

We’ve been a meaningful part of Louisville’s presence since 1880. Before many of the great buildings, the parks and streets, before the famous names and celebrated events, we’ve been here, helping Louisville’s most at-risk and vulnerable citizens — poor families, destitute mothers, and of course their children. We’ve been here because we believe in this city. We’ve been here because we believe in the promise and power of working together to make life richer; to improve society; to help the weak, particularly children, become strong again; to defend those in need; and above all, to contribute to the health of our city’s future.

We are Home of the Innocents. And we are the heart of our city.