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It’s all about the brewsic.

Beer, music, and food. But mainly beer and music. Gravely’s a smallish brewery-cum-diner-cum-kick-ass-music-venue. They win national awards with their beer and they bring in top-tier bands, which means they’re very cool indeed. Gravely had an amazing product based on high standards and so, as kindred spirits, we wanted to help them share it. When they opened up we headed straight over there and talked to the owner, Young Mr. Gravely, and begged him to let us make him some stuff. We didn’t care what. (Frankly, creating a bunch of amazing award-winning posters, designing some award-winning beer labels, and developing an award-winning website and helping with some award-winning social media was all we were really after.)

In addition to the foundation of the almost-Swiss-style aesthetic for the brand materials, we started making glorious gig posters. Some were bright and fun, like the work for Billy Goat Strut Revue, others were dark and super-cool, like the poster and label we did for the acclaimed Swedish hard rock / metal band Ghost. There might’ve been some bartering and sampling involved, we’ll never tell, but at the end of the proverbial day we all got what we wanted. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a hoppy ending?

Happy to relate, young Mr. Gravely also had significant NYC marketing and advertising experience, so when we compared notes about how we wanted to create a sexy, stripped-back European aesthetic he wasn’t just all-in, he was already way ahead of us. The mark he’d already crafted was developed in homage to the white-space-loving-‘70s, and he knew he needed to support it not just with appropriate design, but strong, clear messaging.