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Trilogy Health Services

Louisville is home to many of the nation’s largest senior care-centered providers, so when Trilogy contacted us about redevloping their site and helping them better communicate their brand, we understood the magnitude of the task ahead of us. With almost 100 facilities (and growing at a rate of more than one a month), they needed a corporate site they could maintain internally; more importantly, they required a site that could house each of Trilogy’s locations while allowing the local providers the ability to manage and curate their own content. As critically, we were asked to develop platforms that would respond differently to various users’ needs. (If you check the site out, be sure to look at it on a mobile device too.)

Managing a brand that’s the conglomeration of hundreds of small brands required a design that was fluid and forgiving, but that was strong enough to communicate the value of corporate ownership. The end result is a fresh, inviting space that shares Trilogy’s ongoing commitment to provide their clients a sense of abiding family care.