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Seven Counties Services

Seven Counties Services was the largest non-profit in the city of Louisville, serving well over 30,000 disadvantaged patients a year. And, as with most organizations their size, they’d run into some problems: First, because they had grown so large, they’d lost focus of their identity and were struggling with how to share their value meaningfully. Second, and as a result, they had a website that was not only completely out of control and unmanageable from their side, but that had become so confusing, it was failing in its principle duty — which was to direct those in need of help to the right person.

They were ready to look at themselves and the way they were solving problems in a new, more creative, and less introspective way — they needed someone to come in, give them a realistic assessment of how they were received, and then create an engaging and useful way to better serve their audience online while presenting themselves more powerfully to the community.

We did a deep brand dive and uncovered some wonderful, inspirational, and powerful messages that needed to be shared. We rejuvenated the public-facing aspects of SCS, creating a simple-but-inviting series of way-finding colors and messages that positioned the company as a place that helped folk overcome challenges. While we also helped SCS create all its print and identity materials, we think the site is one of the most beautiful and functionally effective sites in our portfolio — we hope you’ll visit it . . . and discover the same positive spirit we encountered during the brand-development process.