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A new name. A new mission.

We like to tell every client they deserve to be cool — especially when they’re like Louisville Rescue Mission, who wanted to better represent themselves as an accessible resource for the city’s homeless.

They wanted a new identity — they were in other cities, not just Louisville, and the word “Rescue” and “Mission” were considered inadequate to express their real value, which was in helping people who’d lost their way to find a path back to society. (Instead, they we seen as a halfway house or shelter for undesirables or the “marginal.”) After conducting a good deal of community research and generating buy-in, we helped them rename as Re:Center, whose focus is to help folk rediscover what’s central and important in their lives. In addition to their website, we developed a full fleet of positioning and outreach materials — all of which helped them look as cool as we knew they were.