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International Coach Federation

International Coach Federation is the leader in the world of personal and professional coaching. It’s the gold-standard for credentialing coaches, connecting them with clients, and keeping them in touch with each other and in the know about the latest industry trends.

ICF members are, not surprisingly, high achievers with high standards. They have no time for inefficiency and expect the same of their association.

As a result of extensive research into user journeys and a complete rethink of how a site should work, the new ICF site is a masterpiece of functionality worthy of a global organization. Moreover, the print ads and digital advertising collectively position the association as a resource that recognizes strength without sacrificing subtlety and personality.

Why coach? Most people — and not just coaches or those who seek coaches — are searching for ways to enjoy their lives and careers in healthy, positive ways. They want to be in control of what they do, who they do it with, and how they do it. They want to be good at something in which they’ve chosen to invest a huge amount of time. They seek balance between their professional and personal worlds. They’re driven by a desire to achieve excellence in pursuit of a richer, more meaningful goal. Ultimately, simply, they seek happiness.

But what does “happiness” mean? Doesn’t everyone want to be happy?

Happiness isn’t an extreme like euphoria or sadness, and it’s not neutral, like appeasement or acceptance. It’s not about laughter or chest-beating or victory. It’s certainly not about doing just enough not to be unhappy. Happiness is a place of reward, a place where the work you put in results in self-awareness and growth. It’s the satisfaction in knowing that you’ve done your very best, that you’ve maximized your potential, and that you’ve created something that has the power to effect meaningful changes in yourself and in others.

Being a coach means harnessing the knowledge you’ve earned — the experience and wisdom that have contributed to your own happiness — and then, by inspiring that awareness within others through interactive creativity, improving their lives so that they too can enhance the lives of those they interact with.

The Coach’s Way
I want to be happy. I seek a path of understanding, awareness, and improvement, both through the things I do and the way I choose to live. I commit to never stop learning. To never stop doing. And to never stop sharing. I appreciate that work and life present challenges . . . but I will do everything I can to approach and resolve these challenges with a commitment to hard work, education, sincerity, thoughtfulness, creativity, focus, and resolve.

Toward all these ends, I will share my experience, my insights, and my ability to see things differently with those who seek the same spirit of positive growth that I seek. I will work with a spirit of transparency, honesty, and professionalism to ensure that the things I know are passed on in ways that are consistent with my lifelong pursuit of being the best I can be, and of inspiring those around me to do the same. Through teaching others how to maximize their potential, I want to contribute to a world where everyone can be happy. This is my way.