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Inscope Medical

When a small start-up group came to us and asked us to put together a simple-but-sexy microsite for an incubator launch, “The only laryngoscope with fully integrated suction,” we were surprisingly surprised. In a surprised way. These guys had won hundreds-of-thousands in awards and funding, and it was clear they were going to be a huge commercial success. Plus they were really awesome (especially for a collection of a doctor, a geek, and an MBA). But the fact they picked Mightily showed they understood how important it was for products to be experienced as special and unique.

We didn’t have many assets to work with and we knew that the hero was the device; we also knew that the development team was a core part of attracting more investors. So we made something very lean and simple that concentrated on the most important attributes of the project, lacing it with a nice sleek UX as the visitor scrolled the page. And that’s the story so far.