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It’s not like we’re saying this event is “to die for.” But it sure as hell better be on your bucket list.

Idea Festival

We love our hometown, honest we do. (In fact, when it comes to taking on pro bono community projects, nobody’s heart is bigger than Mightily’s.) So when we were asked to create this microsite about the IdeaFestival’s Taste of Innovation series, we did it with our usual passion and wit, pointing out that if people embraced our city as much as we do, they’d obviously get the humor.

Our client were unconvinced, so we designed and made a series of ads to incite interest and provoke action. The idea, we said, was that those who knew nothing about Louisville would click the ads out of curiosity; those who hated on it, would click them in support; and those who loved it, would click on them to come to the brand’s defense.

They remained unconvinced and the campaign never ran.

So much for our powers of persuasion.