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The only garage where you'll enjoy the wait.

Grease Monkey Distillery

If you’re developing a new distilled product and you need to put it through its paces, this is where you come.

Grease Monkey Distillery is housed in a fully renovated automotive garage, equipped to produce all types of distilled spirits from vodka and gin to whiskies, rums, brandies, and more. The joint features state-of-the-art equipment and is available for product development, pilot batches, or experimental distillation runs.

In other word words, it’s a place that provides huge range of amazing alcoholic beverages, characterized by a passion for creativity, all in a supercool environment. When we were asked if we would develop a microsite, the only question we had was “Why wouldn’t we?”

Kick the tires, take a spin through the site, maybe look under the hood, and you’ll see why this unassuming one-pager provides so much unexpected horsepower.