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Damn, but we love these guys. First of all, they have an amazingly good product (they custom-blend drink flavors); but second — and yes, just as importantly — they’re awesome to work with . . . because they understand that real engagement demands intelligent, creative design and development.

The site’s smart and lovely, check it out. But the best part is how it performs. Flavorman does brilliantly in terms of SEO — but that’s mainly because the programming is clean and because Flavorman made a commitment to good SEO practice. Where the site is totally killing it is in generating highly qualified leads. When we launched the new website, we saw something amazing happen. Their engagement or average time-on-page shot up nearly 20 percent while their exit rate dropped by 11 percent. More importantly, they’re now generating leads averaging nearly 100 per month, cutting their cost per conversion by 50 percent. Booyah!