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Facilities Management Services

Without getting into the weeds, if you’re a B Corporation it means you’re pretty darn cool. It means what you do isn’t just about the money, it’s about the change you help create in society . . . from the way you take care of your people to the way you take care of your clients to the way that your business decisions help take care of the planet.

At 800 people and growing, FMS was the second B Corp in Kentucky, and one of the first things they did after getting certified was to contact us about positioning them in a less-blue-collar-elbow-grease-kind-of-way. Rather, and without losing their grassroots sense of authenticity, they wanted to parlay their values and skills into relationships that helped elevate Kentucky’s business and social environment. They wanted to be appreciated for the changes they were creating.

It’s not just about cleaning the places we work in. It’s about changing them. It’s about changing these places’ appearances from disorganized to organized, from dirty to clean, from dangerous to safe, to unhygienic to hygienic, and more. But at a deeper level, a social one, it’s about another kind of change.

It’s about changing what it’s like to live and work and be in those places. It’s about changing how we interact with each other and how we care about the jobs we do in those places . . . and outside them as a result. It’s about changing perceptions — helping people see things differently, affecting their relationships with their environments, transforming the ways they treat the things around them. It’s about not taking anything for granted, but for applying ourselves with a commitment to make the things we care about even better.

We’re united in our belief that when good people work together, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. We draw strength from our shared pursuit of a just and better world, starting with our friends, clients, colleagues, and partners. Most importantly, we believe in participation through honest, hard work. And to these ends, we are unified in our commitment to changing and improving the communities in which we live and work.