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It's your dream to fulfill.

Distilled Spirits Epicenter

Distilled Spirits Epicenter is an international distilling center that provides a one-of-a-kind experience in the time-honored craft of distilling. The Epicenter has something for everyone with a passion for the craft on both the science and the art side of distilling. From Moonshine University, where visitors learn how to build, open, and run their own distilleries, to the fully-equipped Grease Monkey Distillery, which is available to develop mash bills, create prototype batches, experiment with processing, or for full run productions, Distilled Spirits Epicenter has become the home to over 50 industry experts who help out with classes, productions, and every facet of the alcohol-production industry.

When the company came to us to help it develop a microsite, they wanted something small and straightforward — but they also wanted to cover the wide range of services they had to offer their clients. The result was based on expressing and sharing the very simple premise that DSE’s customers had a vision, and they needed a fully equipped, resourceful partner to help them develop it.

The site is a trip from the dream, the visitor’s story, through to the dream’s fulfillment. It starts as something emotional, passes through a series of functional, operational sections, and then ends with an opportunity to make the vision a reality, the call to action. Talk about a happy ending.