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BFW Surgical Headlights

Surgical lighting, believe it or not, is a huge industry, and BFW leads the pack globally, providing lighting products to markets as far afield as Australia. Doctors — and surgeons specifically — are a very brand-conscious crowd: they appreciate high-quality, high-performance products, and BFW is positioned to appeal to these tastes and expectations. Suffice it to remark, they needed a site that reflected a premium brand, a brand that was clean, sophisticated, polished, and that represented the leading edge of surgical practice.

In addition — you know, to be practical — it needed to house a retail component linking interested visitors to distributors, laying out each product line’s specifications, and sharing a little about the product’s capabilities. The site is a testament to precise, beautiful, and elegant design . . . not unlike the sorts of brands BFW’s audience aspires to.