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Strengthening the bond between mankind and dogkind.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers

We love a challenge — and this website certainly wasn’t a stroll in the park with a new puppy. In fact, what we started with was a veterinarianally-challenged 300-lb junkyard dog that coming to us for a total makeover.

APDT is the hallmark of excellence in the industry, and its members expect them to provide clarity, inspiration, stability, and insight. Core to the site experience is an awareness that training is fundamental to a healthy relationship between a dog and its owner, so in addition to providing a comprehensive spectrum of trainer resources, we also had to integrate the value and meaning trainers provided to those seeking their services.

Our Oath: To those whom we protect, we are the difference between a life fully lived and a life of anxiety and suffering. To their owners, we are dogs’ champions: we have a gift they cannot comprehend, an authority they hold in awe, and our words are heard with deep respect. To both, we are a line between happiness and frustration, calm and chaos, security and fear, and safety, malevolence, and menace. Most fundamentally, we must manage our authority with humility, objectivity, and compassion.

We are protectors of peace and stewards of fairness. We are at once gods and heroes — a group held in the highest esteem by both the most threatened and, equally, the most threatening.

Those who come to us look for guidance, judgment, principles, education, friendship, and direction.

While at our core we stand for humanity, we more poignantly represent the bond between mankind and dogs.

We should be confident in what we say, but say it in ways that express understanding, grace, and modesty.