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ARGI Financial Group

We’re not influenced by anyone’s agenda but yours.

When you think of brokerages, financial consulting, and investment funds you think of rules, regulations, paperwork, compliance, small print, and all too often, hard-selling “advisors.” But ARGI is something else. With over a billion in assets and over 100 employees with offices in five states in just 20 years, they’ve built one of the region’s biggest investment services. Their business model is based on transparency, teamwork, education, community, and, above all, being clear with its clients.

As is common in the financial services sector, ARGI’s previous marketing work made them appear like a typical investment business — using fifty-cent words with bloviated prose and stock images of people shaking hands — would somehow express the firm’s distinctive values. Suffice it to say, we saw it differently and developed a site and resources that delivered on the business’s great presence.