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Being rigid, stoic, and serious is great if you’re rigid, stoic, and serious.

American Founders Bank

Ah, banks. As far as clients go, they generally rank right between law firms and the military in terms of creativity and flexibility. However (we’re pleased to say), this is not true of AFB . . . one of our favorite clients, and a business of infinite humor, open-mindedness, and charm. Although they’re small, they deliver big on warmth and approachability.

The bank came to us a little after we opened and said they knew we were the only agency that could help them stand out from all the other banks. They had a ton of personality and they wanted the world to know it. The site is an exercise in restraint and collegiality, and, in Mightily style, presents everything visitors need to know with a minimum of red tape, bells, whistles, or other costly add-ons Auditing would take a dim view of.

We are metropolitan. We are lean. We are highly polished and professional. We believe that an answer exists to a financial problem as long as we work hard enough to create it. We are local in presence but global in perspective.

We respect experience, but we treasure new and creative solutions. We are not stodgy. We are not brown or dull. We are inventive, imaginative, resourceful, productive, sincere, hard-working, and courageous.

We believe in clarity and honesty. We don’t stand for red tape or bull. We are flexible, nimble, and willing to work earnestly for every one of our customers. We feel open and inviting, but not down-home or country. We are friendly, but we won’t overstay our welcome.

We are accountable but we don’t behave like accountants. We are not distressed leather or aged wood — we are glass, steel, and polished concrete. We believe in the future, in fast and transparent communication. We do not rest on our laurels or peddle our past.