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Peoples of Mightily — Kelli

Posted 2 years ago

Here are two things not everyone knows about me: I own an organic tea company, and, around the time I started working at Mightily, I launched a sustainable knitwear collection. Maybe these sound unrelated, but they come from the same place: a belief in the magic of the natural world, and the love of making beautiful things. My fascination started as a child. When I was just old enough that my parents would trust me to play on my own, I’d pack a bag of supplies and tell them I was going to run away for the day. I’d head out and explore the neighborhood, which, in Kentucky, was full of ponds and streams and little areas of forest. I’d pick flowers and knot them together to make necklaces and headdresses, catch small fish and turtles, write and draw observations in my notebook. I’d always come home around dusk (or else, of course, my parents would never have let me “run away” in the first place), but imagining that I really wasn’t going to be able to go back is part of what made those explorations so useful — I really had to consider how I’d live if my only resource was the natural world around me.