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Mightily Awarded Louisville Ballet Account

Posted 2 years ago

The final decision for the Louisville Ballet’s new brand advertising agency came down to Fieldtrip and Mightily.

“Mightily came with a vision. They showed us something we didn’t know we needed or wanted,” said Cherie Perez, marketing director of the ballet. “It was more daring.”

When Former Australian Ballet Principal Artist Robert Curran joined the ballet as artistic director in 2015, he started a rebranding campaign with PriceWeber that Perez called “light and airy” and “sophisticated.”

Curran said, “Mightily understands the concept that we are more than just a ballet company, they were able to brilliantly articulate the essence of our vision.”

Perez said the ballet’s most supportive market is aging, which is part of the impetus for the new campaign.

It was Pip Pullen, president of Mightily, who pushed Curran and his team to think about marketing more to millennials. According to Perez, he spearheaded the new campaign, which is geared to both demographics — targeting the millennials without alienating the boomers.

This isn’t the first time the ballet has looked to nurture younger fans. In 2015, the organization created the Louisville Ballet Relevé Society, originally led by former ballerina and GLI staffer Amelia Gandara, who now is leading her own department for GE in Chicago. It started with under 20 members, but now there are 55 members of the group, all millennials, all donors.

For a $250-a-year membership, the perks are pretty impressive. Membership comes with a ticket to the big ballet fundraiser – Raise the Barre, two tickets to every performance and a network of like-minded people.

Perez said that the group “tailgates” before performances and represents the “new face of the arts.”

“The Ballet is a principle foundation stone in our city’s commitment to an ever-higher quality of life,” Lesa Seibert, CEO of Mightily said in an email. “Robert’s passion to take dance and the arts into new environments and in different, more relevant and meaningful ways, matches our desire to create compelling messages that engage, unite and activate citizens — from youth to professionals to those with limited experience with the arts to long-time patrons . . . and our shared understanding that brands must inspire before they can effect change is what binds us in our commitment to making Louisville a richer place to live.”

—Melissa Chipman / InsiderLouisville, 08 May 2017.