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”Making America Great Again“ Means Moving Forward, Not Backward.

Posted 2 years ago

We’re in the midst of a huge cultural shift. Change used to happen slowly, generationally. And that was okay, because people could pretty much live their whole lives within a specific framework that they were familiar with. They didn’t have to accept massive change. By the time they were old they could simply look back with nostalgia at the past.

And this is exactly what created the Make America Great Again movement — the inner resistance to change, a pull to keep things the way they were, back to a time that we imagine was better than now (like our childhoods), where everything needed to be predictable, familiar, safe.

But the world has moved on, and because of the rapid pace of advancement in technology — and the way we communicate, relate, and have impact through social media / the Internet — we’ve become a society of people who face endless exponential change many times over within our lifetimes.

Let’s embrace this, not succumb to it.

The only way we can effectively solve the problems of the past is if we address them as problems again. Let’s commit to action that reverses reactionary policy on women’s rights. Let’s demand new approaches to energy. Let’s address our nation’s quality of life. Let’s confront bigotry, invest in education, and engage the world through new solutions . . . not an anxious and fearful desire to reclaim the past.

By the natural law of things, we can’t stay stuck trying to solve these problems over and over unless we commit to dealing with them. We’ve got to be willing to let old ways die and dream up and solve new, more interesting problems for the future.

I know we can do this. There is no other way.

I believe in us.