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What good is a good idea if nobody knows about it?

Mightily Awarded Louisville Ballet Account

The final decision for the Louisville Ballet’s new brand advertising agency came down to Fieldtrip and Mightily. “Mightily came with a vision. They showed us something we didn’t know we needed or wanted,” said Cherie Perez, marketing director of the . . .

Posted 12 months ago

”Making America Great Again“ Means Moving Forward, Not Backward.

We’re in the midst of a huge cultural shift. Change used to happen slowly, generationally. And that was okay, because people could pretty much live their whole lives within a specific framework that they were familiar with. They didn’t have . . .

Posted 1 year ago

Peoples of Mightily — Jason

I can remember being in the classroom while a teacher critiqued my work harshly, rejecting it for the bulletin board. “Unacceptable. This work is far from exemplary.” Like anyone being dressed down in front of friends, I began to sweat, . . .

Posted 2 years ago

Peoples of Mightily – Chris

I busted my guts working fast food jobs from the age of 16, but I knew that I wanted to work in tech one way or another. So I also worked after hours teaching myself. If you really want to . . .

Posted 2 years ago

Peoples of Mightily — Amy

I love learning. There are more things I would like to learn than one lifetime will ever afford me. Trying different things is a wonderful contributor to a vibrant and fulfilled life. I love to paint, make prints, bind books, . . .

Posted 2 years ago

Peoples of Mightily — Michael

My wife and I went to Barbados for our honeymoon. I’m ashamed to say that after only a couple of days away we wanted American food, so we sneaked out to a KFC for dinner.  It was the best KFC either of us . . .

Posted 2 years ago

Peoples of Mightily — Kelli

Here are two things not everyone knows about me: I own an organic tea company, and, around the time I started working at Mightily, I launched a sustainable knitwear collection. Maybe these sound unrelated, but they come from the same . . .

Posted 2 years ago

Peoples of Mightily — Gregg

I played rock keyboards for a handful of bands in the ’70s and ’80s. Now that I think about it, it all feels a little bit Spinal Tap. Well, because it was. I once loaned Steppenwolf’s manager an organ speaker . . .

Posted 2 years ago

Peoples of Mightily — McKenzie

It’s really important to challenge yourself, but I also feel like I haven’t truly done that yet. Like most people I’m more inclined to caution rather than risk — leaving my home town to go to a big college then ending . . .

Posted 2 years ago

Peoples of Mightily — Andrew

I think that once you’re out of your teens, the accent you have is the one you’re stuck with unless you consciously try to change it. I’m not changing mine. I love being exotic.

Posted 2 years ago